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oxy (PHP): Local pr


oxy script that is capable of proxifying static websites.

-PyDodge (PD): Highly capable pr


oxy that is capable of proxifying many dynamic websites and .io games, whilst usually keeping working sign-in functionality.

-PowerMouse (PM): Excellent, custom-made TN web pr


oxy; capable of unbl


ocking most dynamic websites, including spotty support for Discord, whilst being very fast.

TitaniumNetwork's servers are based in Canada, with backups in the US, therefore, if you are region-locked or blocked from accessing your content, in a different country, TitaniumNetwork can unbl


ock blocked Canadian/US content.

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Server Status:

PyDodge Server: (Running...)



oxy: (Running...)

PowerMouse Server: (Running...)

Official Support List:

DuckDuckGo (Recommended Search Engine) |PM

Invidious (Video Streaming) | PD PM

Google (Search Engine) | PDPHP PM

Startpage (Search Engine) | PD PHP

Andkon (Gaming) | PD PM

Defly (Gaming) |PM

Surviv (Gaming) |PM

Mope (Gaming) |PM

YouTube (Video Streaming) | PD PHP PM